These are the sheets for the Breeders Cup.  Friday is updated after scratches.

Video for every Breeders Cup race below!  My written analysis below each race video will be brief with final selections before & after scratches.  In addition to my ABC analysis of the horses, will add my top Win Bet horse (s).  Also, will limit Cs so no more than half of field is covered.  These races are obviously wide open.  The videos will have additional details.

Win: 5  A-5,10,14 C-3,9,11,12

Win: 1,11.  A-6,11 B-1,9 C-4,5,8

Win: 1.  A-1,3 B-2,7

Win: 5.  A-5,7 B-3,9 C-6,13

A-3,7 B-4 C-1,5,10,12

A-1,6 B-4 C-2,3,7,14

Win: 3.  A-5 B-3,4,12 C-8,10,11

A-9 B-2,7 C-8

A-1,4 B-5,10 C-12

A-10,11 B-6 C-2,4,7,8

A-13 B-5,14 C-1,2,8,12

A-5,10 B-4 C-8,9

A-2 B-1,6,9 C-3

A-2,4 B-8,9 C-10