Spot Plays ROI



The spot play is a horse that gets a "s" before their letter grade and indicates an especially strong wager for the day. 

The Win ROI is 1.20 (+20%) through 322 races.  The Place/Show ROI is 0.80.

The wagering strategy examples are $100 WIN on horses <5-1; $50 WP on horses >= 5-1 and $50 WS on horses >= 10-1 if field size is at least 8.  The final decision on the wagering strategy is based on post time odds.  Pass if the surface is "off the turf".  Also, if race is sloppy do not bet horse without an E or E/P pace style.  Also, pass spot plays if 2 or more horses get a "s" and/or "+".

Here is the Win ROI by bet example: WIN +37%, WP -34%, WS +36%%.  Only bet spot play horses that go off post ime <5-1 or >10-1.

Here is P/S ROI by bet type:  Win N/A, WP -24%, WS +0%.  Place/Show betting is not working.  Big lesson learned.

Following the betting guidance above you would have bet $25,200 to Win and would've returned $30,285 for a Win profit of $5,085.  Restricting this to <5-1 horses you would've bet $18,200 and returned $24,945. 

ROI spreadsheet through 7/31 is posted below.  Daily spot plays will be posted for members only in Today's SheetsI