Warning Sign Races


Some races just are not worth betting or the VALUE we are estimating is wrong and thus you should proceed with caution.

Let me give you some warning signs for a race:

  1. The majority of the field has ZERO for ENERGY or the majority of the field has PFDS% <0.5.  This is the case when most horses are a first time starter or are trying something new like "turf".  STAY AWAY.
  2. There is a "K" horse in the race OR the morning line favorite has a RANK that starts with "1,1" or "1,2" and is not one of the top 2 horses in the top to bottom sort.  The ODDS for these horses are too high and are giving false value to other horses in race.  CAUTION.
  3. There are a significant number of horses with a "C" letter grade OR most of the field has a 1,2 or 3 in their RANK column.  These races are wide open.  CAUTION.