Tracking ROI

After starting this site, I posted results (Win/Place) for every race. I did this for the first 800 races with a hypothetical $2 wager per race. Right now my process for doing these result updates is manual. Once I added PACE analysis to my sheet there was no more room to continue tracking ROI. With that said, once I've completely automated data download for entries & results, I will be creating a database to track results thoroughly and will pass the conclusions and data on to our members.

What I tracked was the top 2 horses in the top to bottom sort that have both a letter grade and at least $2 of VALUE when compared to the TRUE morning line. Some races will have no horses qualify. I also will pass or skip races that have more than half the field as first time starters or PFDS % < 0.5.

This system has some limitations because it is based on a morning line (which changes) and is not factoring in weakness of the race (e.g. legitimate favorite) or negatives for the horse (e.g. slow ENERGY). It also doesn't scale the bets based on the VALUE. But at least it is a simple process to implement.

The results were incredible! 26% profit on every dollar wagers.

Through 800 races, ROI is 1.26 ($2,019 return on $1,600 wagers)