Santa Anita 05/15/20

Everyone has amazing success stories, P6 tickets, Triple Crown scores and tournament victories.  I have my share as well and won't bore you with too many anecdotal stories.  But I did have a phenomenal day recently at Santa Anita.  The highlight was the R3 daily double.

R3 - The favorite is ranked 3rd and is coming off a 20 month layoff. The second choice is ranked at the top and has a good form cycle. Both these horses make sense but are underlays compared to the morning line. The second choice in the program has solid odds and the lowest "best odds" in the race. This drives a good value score of 12 for the horse. The actual post time odds for the horse is 20-1.

R4 - The top 2 horses in the program are good odds and both get an A rating and very strong value scores. The 8 horse has the highest value score in the entire card at 12-1 morning line and goes off at 14-1. These horses ensure my double will pay well even if one of the favorite wins R3.

This is a perfect scenario setting up a $768 double on a $12 wager (3,6,9 with 7,8). I also hit the 6 to Win/Place.

In addition to that double I picked the winners in R2, R6, R9 and R10 in ridiculously good day.  R10 is actually the finale at GG which is included for the SA-GG daily double. The winner of GG finale was a 20-1 shot.

Tampa Bay 5/29 R7 and R8.  

After the rough day at CD on 5/28, was happy to hit this nice score.  #7 wins R7 and pays $62.20.  #7 was a clear value play (anything over 10 is huge) but to be safe I dutched my win bet with the #3 as well.

Race 8 is even more straight forward.  #10 is the only logical play and wins paying $16.20.  Now I didn't play the double but if I had I would have repeated my Santa Anita 5/15 score.  The daily double which could've been hit with a simple 2 by 1 wager paid $823.40.  Full results posted on Past Results page.