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Pace (updated)


Pace is the "P" in PFDS and is accounted for in the PFDS ODDS but sometimes people want to see the figures for themselves....

Risky Horses


As stated in our Winning Streak blog, you want horses with good letter grade (A or K) and good value (>$10) but of course these are hard to find. Let's say you got a C horse with $6 of value that's ranked 3rd (from top) in the sheet. Before you bet...

Some races just are not worth betting or the VALUE we are estimating is wrong and thus you should proceed with caution.

Below you can see that on Thursday 5/28, I had a horrible day at Churchill Downs. It was such a blood bath that I refused to play the track on Friday or Saturday and reluctantly came back expecting to be destroyed on Sunday due to the Pick 5 carryover.

Trainer Score


The trainer score is very important and can be combined with other items:

I want to provide some general information about how to bet a race using this data. This data can be used effectively for exotic wagers (exactas, daily doubles), serial wagers (P4, P6), tournament selections and of course simple win, place, show. It is most effective on a race by race basis where you can compare the horse tote odds to...